Love Letters for Gabrielle Moore

Whether you’re looking for a passionate long term relationship or more fiery one night stands, you’ll find plenty of my 500,000+ students who’ve searched for – and found – the answer.

This is exactly why I do what I do – every day I’m lucky enough to be showered with emails and messages from people of all ages and circumstances who’ve used my tips to transform their sex lives.

You’ll find a small sample of those messages below – although I’ve withheld their names to protect the innocent!

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In accordance with FTC guidelines, I must express that the student messages I’ve received below are based on the unique experiences of some people. I cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using my product, nor do I claim to be a credible substitute to professional medical or sexual advice. In fact if you have any medical conditions – or even if you don’t – I recommend checking with your doctor before attempting any of my tips (especially the more strenuous ones).


What I can promise you is this: I personally stand by every tip, technique or position I share. They have worked for me, they work for the close friends I share them with, and they work for a large number of my students. Which is why I highly recommend trying them out for yourself – especially because you’ve got nothing to lose financially thanks to my unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

* “Ms Moore is the real deal”

“As an expert on the subjects of sex and physical love, Ms. Moore is the real deal, and I’m speaking as a student with over 12 years of self and official study in both areas. If more people were to get this kind of information from young adulthood, the benefits to sex lives and emotional health across the country would be astronomical! While critical as an academic, I am a fan of her work, and can testify to it’s effectiveness on a personal level.”

– Russ, New York
* “She loves every second of our sex life now”

“Your advice has helped me so much. I have tried most of your tips with my partner and she loves every second of our sex life now. Thank you so much!”

– Steve, Maidstone, United Kingdom
* “Wow! I’ve never been pleasured like that before!”

“I’ve taken some of Gabrielle’s advice, and let me say, I’ve gotten so many compliments! One was, “Wow! I’ve never been pleasured like that before!” Awesome experiences. Thanks Gabby!”

– Ray, Rapid City
* “A great service to men, women and couples everywhere”

“Miss Moore does a great job of presenting topics of a sexual nature that are hard to find elsewhere. She is to the point. Gabbie does a great service to men, women and couples everywhere.”

– Robert Lewis, Callicoon, New York
* “I feel like The Man again”

“Back in the day, my girl complained about my “size” that wasn’t long enough. Doing my research and visiting several sites I found yours… and I realized that size isn’t important once the female becomes highly aroused. If after all, when I get her literally begging to penetrate her, the very tip of my manhood does the job in approximately 10 or 15 seconds. Thanks to YOU , I feel like The Man again, and now she asks me to forward your sex tips so she can read them too!”

– Steve, Maidstone, United Kingdom
* “She has been able to reach orgasm solely through my penetration”

“Until I began reading Gabrielle’s tips, I had always needed to assist my partner to orgasm with outside stimulation. But in the past three months, she has been able to reach orgasm solely through my penetration, something she had never done with any partners before me!”

– Charles B., Tulsa, Oklahoma
* “She wants it so bad, she POUTS”

“I’ve been reading Gabrielle’s tips and have been putting them to GREAT use. Now my girlfriend can’t get enough of me. When we fool around and realize we forgot to get condoms, she POUTS, she wants it so bad.”

– Michael Benz, Cushing, Oklahomaork
* “I am now chased by my partner ALL THE TIME for sex”

“Ever since I started following Gabrielle’s advice, there has never been a day when I have had sex with my partner and she did not have multiple orgasms. I have improved in clitoral stimulation and telephone sex tremendously and now I am chased after by my partner ALL THE TIME for sex. When I am not physically around, it is not a worry because she knows I can still let her “wow” via phone sex!”

– Joseph, Ghana
* “Tricks to recharge our love life after 25 years of marriage”

“I have found out a lot of little tricks to recharge our love life after 25 years of marriage. In the past we’d always do it the same way. But investing just a little time gave us better moves and foreplay. What a reward, thanks so much.”

– Garry G, Northampton
* “Get onto Gabrielle’s advice and you’ll be eternally grateful”

“I keep having the thought, why didn’t anyone tell me all this when I was in my 20s. It would have improved my life no end. We didn’t even have computers, let alone the internet. We had to learn the hard way. So you young men, get onto Gabrielle’s advice and books and you’ll be eternally grateful.”

– Francis Radice, Brighton, England
* “Expanded my views on giving pleasure to my wife”

“I have really expanded my views on giving pleasure to my wife since I began using Gabrielle’s tips. I have always been able to give my wife an orgasm orally, but now I know there is so much more I can be doing. My wife and I were in a bit of a rut and these tips were just what we needed. Thanks to Gabrielle, now we can just read her tips and have a discussion on how we feel about the topic. which in turn leads to more fun for both of us.”

– Tom, Wisconsin
* “She asked me why I had kept this ability from her for all these years”

“After 23 years of marriage, i saw my wife grow unhappy with our sex life. I was out of the country for 3 weeks when i started reading Gabrielle’s tips. When I came home it was a brand new start and I was amazed on how she came over and over again. She told me that she really loved what she feels during love making and asked me why did i kept this new ability from her her all these years. I told her that Gabrielle fine tuned me while i was abroad!”

– Hari, Malaysia
* “One of the best sex gurus on planet earth”

“Gabrielle is one of the best sex gurus on planet earth. She goes in depth about female sexuality among other things which some men today are totally unaware of.The advice she gives is so interesting and informative that it opens a whole new chapter to sexual success and intimacy from a woman’s part. Never underestimate the knowledge of a woman lol!”

– Name withheld, Trinidad & Tobago
* “Sex has never been so good”

“At the age of 55, and having bedded over 300 women, my sex life took off again when i started taken advise from Gabrielle. I am now back with my first ever girlfriend. Sex has never been so good.”

– Lewis, Norway
* “I’ve become a much better lover”

“I’ve become a much better lover for my woman so quickly just by following a few tips and trying out a few suggestions. She is still trying and trying to figure out how I became so much better so fast.”

– James, Canoga Park, California
* “Last night I was able to last longer than my wife”

“Thank you Gabrielle for your help on my premature ejaculation problem. Last night I was able to last longer than my wife. So much that I had to masturbate to get off.”

– Carlos, New York (name changed at request)
* “It works”

“It works – just ask my wife”

– Mark, United Kingdom

Disclaimer: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we must make it explicitly clear that the customer messages displayed on this page are unscientifically verified and personal in nature. Although we regularly received thousands of these messages from across the world, please note that sex is a complex subject that varies according to an individual’s unique circumstances – which means we cannot in any way guarantee you will experience similar, if any results. The advice on this page is of a recreational and not medical nature, and is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Please consult your doctor before trying any of our sex tips, and remember to always be respectful and responsible towards your partner.