An intimate invitation from bestselling sex advice author Gabrielle Moore…
“Swear to me you’ll keep this a secret from your partner… And I’ll give you my 7-day game plan packed with sizzling hot sex tips, tricks and positions to surprise her with”
Picture the look on her face when you start pleasuring her with the advanced techniques used by over 500,000 people worldwide for a more passionate sex life…
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A message from Gabrielle Moore, #1 bestselling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double her Desire”, “Mastering Her G Spot”, “Hot Licks”, “The Sex Starved Couple” & more:

Honey, do me a favor will ya?

Imagine writing down every single piece of sex advice you’ve ever read, heard or watched… tearing it all into tiny pieces with your bare hands… and setting those pieces on fire as you gleefully watch the smoke billow into the night sky.

Because let me tell you something – I’m sick and tired of every sex “guru” and fly-by-night relationship expert teasing you with inaccurate or incomplete information about sex… and wasting your time with amateur techniques that work as well as a condom in a needle factory.

Come closer and let me tell you a secret:

There’s just one sneaky obstacle standing between you and the hot, 
sweaty, orgasm-a-minute pornstar sex you want to enjoy with your partner…

And nope – I’m not talking about your age, or your bedroom skills, or the size
of your penis… I’m talking about time!

  • You don’t have months or even years of TIME to sift through thousands of hyped-up online sex articles, books and magazines, just to stumble on half-baked tips that leave your partner more confused than turned on.
  • You don’t have TIME to sit through dozens of boring sessions with an overpriced sex coach, or stock up on gimmicky sex toys that don’t excite you as much as the packaging said they would.
  • And you definitely don’t have TIME to spend the best years of your life enduring lukewarm sex… wondering if she’s faking it… envying your friskier friends… and dreading the thought of turning old one day and looking back at your youth with futile regret.
Our grandmothers had more sex than today’s women!
A study at the Kinsey Institute show that women in the 1950s had more and better sex compared to modern women. The reason? They don’t have enough time to work on improving their sex lives.

I know what you want. You want to be that lucky guy with the amazing sex life and the always-satisfied partner. You want to have that ‘magic touch’ that leaves a woman begging for you to be in her before you even rip her bra off.

And you want that priceless feeling of manliness every time you surprise her with sizzling hot new techniques, positions and tricks no other man has given her.

So let me make you a deal – what if I told you I could give you a shot at all this, and maybe even help you and your partner completely transform your sex life not in years, weeks, or months… but in practically no time at all?

Give me just 7 days, and I’ll help you reach for the sex life you’ve always dreamed of but never thought you could have

Master new exotic 
sex positions…

…whether it’s spiced-up versions of old favorites like missionary or doggy, or unusual Eastern body contortions like the Couching Tiger that give you amazing views of her body and previously unimaginable sensations.

Leave the G-spot
obsession to the

…and instead dominate every inch of her vagina like you’re the Christopher Columbus of sex… so you can penetrate, finger and lick your way to ecstasy.

Discover the strange,
tingly, forbidden
pleasure zones on
her body…

…learn raunchy moves like the Tailbone Tickle and the Package Pump… and smile as she melts into a hot mess, moaning your name.

Learn how to give her not just
multiple orgasms,
but the ultra-rare

…through a surprisingly easy step-by-step approach that conditions her mind and body to turn normal orgasms into multi-layered sensations of pure ecstasy.

Unleash her inner Sex
Goddess, and get her
doing things that would
normally leave her

…by simply boosting her confidence with specific psychological statements that positively alter her state of mind before, during and after sex.

Fight premature
ejaculation the
natural way…

…so you may enjoy longer sex and an unbreakable sense of confidence by simply instructing your body to last longer

Uncover the truth about
Tantric Sex…

…and give Sting a run for his money as you transform shallow, unsatisfying romps into endless hours of mind-blowing physical and emotional lovemaking (trust me, it can be a lot easier than most people think it is!).

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

* “Ms Moore is the real deal”

“As an expert on the subjects of sex and physical love, Ms. Moore is the real deal, and I’m speaking as a student with over 12 years of self and official study in both areas. If more people were to get this kind of information from young adulthood, the benefits to sex lives and emotional health across the country would be astronomical! While critical as an academic, I am a fan of her work, and can testify to it’s effectiveness on a personal level.”

– Russ, New York
* “She loves every second of our sex life now”

“Your advice has helped me so much. I have tried most of your tips with my partner and she loves every second of our sex life now. Thank you so much!”

– Steve, Maidstone, United Kingdom
* “Wow! I’ve never been pleasured like that before!”

“I’ve taken some of Gabrielle’s advice, and let me say, I’ve gotten so many compliments! One was, “Wow! I’ve never been pleasured like that before!” Awesome experiences. Thanks Gabby!”

– Ray, Rapid City

I’ll show you exactly how to do this in a few moments, but where 
are my manners? Let me first introduce myself…


My name is Gabrielle Moore.

I’m a sex advice expert and bestselling author of multiple books and training programs like Turn Her On Faster, Double Her Desire and Hot Licks. Over 500,000 people subscribe to my daily online tips, and I’ve been featured in publications like Men’s Fitness Magazine, with over 8 million readers worldwide.

But it wasn’t always this way for me. In fact my husband and I used to have not exactly bad, but lukewarm sex. We rarely had time for each other. Work and responsibilities left us constantly tired. When just the sight of seeing each other naked used to be enough to get us horny, we were now struggling to find the spark. And the same old fingering, thrusting and foreplay techniques weren’t working anymore.

We knew we had to spice things up, or risk losing
our passion forever

And so we started putting in an effort. We cleared our calendars and made time for sex at least 3 times a week. We bought multiple programs and guides by bestselling sex gurus. We tried countless sex toys and lovemaking aids.

Some of this stuff was pretty good, some of it was really bad, but a lot of it was just painfully mediocre. No way was that good enough for me, because I didn’t just want a better sex life – I wanted the best damn sex life a girl – and her man – could possibly have!

That’s when I began exploring subjects no one else would. I studied the human anatomy. I read thousands of long, detailed, eye-opening studies on human sexuality and psychology. I devoured hundreds of books and research papers on the science of sex. And I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours with my husband trying out everything I was learning.


And slowly but surely, my sex life went from lukewarm
to sizzling hot!

Frustrating 5-minute quickies turned into passionate, 2-hour-long sweat-a-thons. We began discovering pleasure zones on our bodies that we didn’t even know existed. We indulged in advanced techniques that left both of us moaning in ecstasy.

Both of us swore that a primal, long-dormant sexual energy had been reignited inside us – and we were loving every second of it!

My success gave me an epiphany: I realized I wanted to spend my time helping others enjoy the kind of passionate sex I was having, and get to the CORE of what good sex really is – without having to spend thousands of dollars on books and sex aids… and without wasting hundreds of hours sifting through pseudo-scientific, redundant, sometimes plain ridiculous advice.

So I quit my job as a lawyer, started writing my very first book… and the rest is history.

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

* “A great service to men, women and couples everywhere”

“Miss Moore does a great job of presenting topics of a sexual nature that are hard to find elsewhere. She is to the point. Gabbie does a great service to men, women and couples everywhere.”

– Robert Lewis, Callicoon, New York
* “I feel like The Man again”

“Back in the day, my girl complained about my “size” that wasn’t long enough. Doing my research and visiting several sites I found yours… and I realized that size isn’t important once the female becomes highly aroused. If after all, when I get her literally begging to penetrate her, the very tip of my manhood does the job in approximately 10 or 15 seconds. Thanks to YOU , I feel like The Man again, and now she asks me to forward your sex tips so she can read them too!”

– Steve, Maidstone, United Kingdom
* “She has been able to reach orgasm solely through my penetration”

“Until I began reading Gabrielle’s tips, I had always needed to assist my partner to orgasm with outside stimulation. But in the past three months, she has been able to reach orgasm solely through my penetration, something she had never done with any partners before me!”

– Charles B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Okay hot stuff – ready to go from Average Joe to Sex God? Here’s the plan…

If you’re unsatisfied with your sex life, you’re not alone
Experts predict that 25% of men and 50% of women in the United States suffer from low sex drive or unsatisfying sex!

I want to share with you every single trick, technique, position and tactic that transformed my sex life – but not through the kind of boring, generic, regurgitated ebook other “gurus” might thrust at you… and definitely not through some sort of exorbitant coaching program that leaves you flat out broke and none the wiser.

Nope, my proposition for you is something a little different. It’s a project you and I are going to work on together for 7 sizzling days. And you’re going to enjoy every second of it.

But before I show it to you, I need you to swear to me something: that you won’t tell your partner about our little game plan. Why? Because that’s the best chance it has at working like a charm. It’ll all make sense in the next few moments, so let me quickly introduce you to…

The 7-Day Orgasm with Gabrielle Moore

Your top-secret game plan for shockingly intense orgasms and mind-blowing sex

Available exclusively on this site, the 7-Day Orgasm is a week-long audio training program designed to take your sex life to the next level. Just spend 30 minutes a day for 7 days listening to my intimate audio training sessions… as I equip you with the naughtiest, dirtiest, most effective techniques and tricks that may lead to amazing sex and bed-rocking orgasms. Keep it as our little secret – and wait till you see the look on her face when you surprise her with your sizzling new skills!

Here’s what you’ll get in the 7-Day Orgasm audio training program:

Day 1: The truth about female orgasms and why you’re not satisfying her

In this introductory session I’ll show you why the flames of your sex life could be flickering instead of roaring, and why Hollywood, porn and locker room chats could have saddled you with a dangerously skewered perspective on sex. Prepare for a major mind-shift as you discover the little-known truths about sex, orgasms and intimacy. Highlights include:

  • The 7 sneaky mistakes you’re making that sabotage her orgasms and your manhood every time you get between the sheets
  • The lazy man’s 6 surprisingly easy steps for giving her consistently deep, satisfying orgasms like clockwork
  • Toe sucking? Jackhammer sex? How to spot and avoid the awkward techniques that work in porn, but turn her off in real life

Day 2: Which of these Pleasure Zones on her body are you neglecting?

Do you know exactly how her vagina works, and how to make her orgasm like clockwork? 60% of men admit to being clueless about their partners’ genitalia, dooming themselves to a lifetime of lukewarm sex, unsatisfied partners and bruised egos. Take my hand on Day 2 as I transform you into an expert on your woman’s intimate bits. Highlights include:

  • What does a healthy vagina smell like? Will too much sex damage it? Discover 11 little-known truths about her nether regions
  • The definitive, head-slappingly simple guide to finding and pleasuring her G-spot – in 60 seconds or less
  • Are you unknowingly screwing your partner over with the world’s biggest lie about vaginal stimulation?

Day 3: 3 orgasmic steps to making her beg you for sex!

When’s the last time you were down to GO, but the only thing she was down for was sleep? Aside from the iconic headache, there are many reasons your partner might not want sex as often as you do – and here you’ll find out what they are and how to overcome them so you can make fun a part of your daily schedule again. Highlights include:

  • The 5 innermost fears sabotaging her libido that she’ll never have the guts to own up to you about
  • How to rock her world with these surprisingly simple yet underused sex moves (no gymnast-like contortions necessary)
  • Going beyond superficial sex: 15 red-hot tips for boosting your emotional connection and going deeper in more ways than one!

Day 4: Erotic sex positions and raunchy moves for a fully climactic experienceg

Missionary is nice in the way vanilla ice cream is nice – but don’t you wish you had the inspiration for something a little more exciting? On Day 4 you’ll get down and dirty with exotic new sex positions, creative ways to spice up your favorite ones, and a few naughty tricks for making her melt at your feet. Highlights include:

  • How a simple repositioning of her leg can give you the tightest, most erotic missionary of your life – and other cool tricks for spicing up classic positions
  • How to use washing machines, doorways, staircases, sofas and good ol’ body contortions to indulge in exotic, unusual, downright ecstasy-inducing positions
  • From doing it in a tight space to defying gravity to using unusual props like mint tea, become a Sex Ninja with these crazy, boundary-pushing experiments

Day 5: Tantric Tricks, the G-Spot roadmap, and other advanced techniques for deeper ecstasy

What separates ordinary sex from extraordinary lovemaking? Advanced techniques that only the ‘pros’ know. Dive even deeper into sex mastery with these expert-only tips – including a simple way to experience Tantric sex, lay permanent claim to her G-spot, discover the art of Orgasmic Meditation and more. Highlights include:

  • The 4 key elements of Tantric sex: just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be enjoying Tantric sex without spending years in an Ashram
  • What if your entire sexual encounter felt like one big, long orgasm? Orgasmic meditation holds the key – and it’s easier to do than you think
  • Beyond oysters: little-known libido-enhancing food that’s on your shelf right now. Just feed her and watch the sparks fly

Day 6: The little-known secret to multiple orgasms and the ultra-rare trigasm

Every woman craves multiple orgasms, but few know what they should really be gunning for: the elusive trigasm. Discover how to deeply understand your partner’s body and libido type, so you can physically and mentally connect with her… and give her what she’s been missing all her life. Highlights include:

  • The 5 Moregasm Secrets: step-by-step instructions for giving her multiple orgasms and finally the trigasm
  • How to combine the two types of orgasms – the clitoral and the G-spot orgasm – into one knee-quivering sensation
  • The truth about female ejaculation: only 1 in 10 women have experienced it, and even fewer know what it really is

Day 7: How to last like a triathlon athlete and finish like a champion

What’s the point of all these advanced techniques if you can’t last long enough to savor them? On the final day of the 7-Day Orgasm I’ll show you how to last like a pornstar, beat premature ejaculation, and keep her moaning your name even after the session ends. Highlights include:

  • 5 easy, natural steps to overcoming premature ejaculation – not through surgery or medication, but by simply telling your body to last longer
  • How to master the one sex position that’s been scientifically proven to help you last longer (and that most men LOVE too)
  • The sexiest things to do after sex – why afterplay is just as important as foreplay, how to do it right, and what to NEVER do after sex


Special Feature:

A FREE, gorgeous, full-color PDF sidekick for deeper sexual mastery


Studies show that you remember things easier when you’ve got multiple consumption methods. So go ahead and refer to this stunning PDF document before, during or after listening to the audios.

I’ve hired one of the online publishing industry’s top visual artists to lay out this stunning magazine-style document packed with color images, checklists, tips, reminders and exercises for squeezing the most out of The 7-Day Orgasm. Just print it out or read it on your computer – your call.

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

* “She wants it so bad, she POUTS”

“I’ve been reading Gabrielle’s tips and have been putting them to GREAT use. Now my girlfriend can’t get enough of me. When we fool around and realize we forgot to get condoms, she POUTS, she wants it so bad.”

– Michael Benz, Cushing, Oklahomaork
* “I am now chased by my partner ALL THE TIME for sex”

“Ever since I started following Gabrielle’s advice, there has never been a day when I have had sex with my partner and she did not have multiple orgasms. I have improved in clitoral stimulation and telephone sex tremendously and now I am chased after by my partner ALL THE TIME for sex. When I am not physically around, it is not a worry because she knows I can still let her “wow” via phone sex!”

– Joseph, Ghana
* “Tricks to recharge our love life after 25 years of marriage”

“I have found out a lot of little tricks to recharge our love life after 25 years of marriage. In the past we’d always do it the same way. But investing just a little time gave us better moves and foreplay. What a reward, thanks so much.”

– Garry G, Northampton

Here’s a little taste of The 7 Day Orgasm…

Press play for a sample of the audio sessions:

The 7 Day Orgasm isn’t your everyday amateur online course.

I’ve hired professional designers and sound engineers to give you an entertaining, high-quality multimedia experience – from the immaculately produced audio sessions to the stunning full-color PDF sidekick. In fact don’t be surprised if spending some quality time with me becomes the highlight of your day…

…and remember – this needs to be our little secret!

Now that you know what’s in the program, here’s what you need to do:


The 7-Day Orgasm could be the only sex advice program you’ll ever need if you are…

  • Married or in a long-term relationship, and you want to get that physical and emotional spark back in your sex life (remember when just seeing her naked was enough to get you rock-hard?)
  • Single, available, and itching to surprise your new conquests with the kind of sex that leaves them begging for at least a two night stand!
  • Looking for a 100% natural way to last longer and amaze her with consistently deeper, better, longer multiple orgasms
  • Curious about what it would be like to go beyond the pleasures physical sex, and experience a deep, emotional, even spiritual connection with your partner
  • Sick and tired of expensive, redundant, time-consuming advice from so-called sex gurus and coaches – and you just want something simple and effective that won’t break the bank!

Break your bed, not your bank account!

Now that I’ve told you about the program, let’s get to the burning question: how much is this going to cost you?

Well it took me thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, gallons of sweat and a few broken beds to perfect and compile all this priceless info for you. So it is going to cost you something!

But the good news is, that something is not much at all. Especially when you compare it to paying $150 per session for sex therapy. Or hundreds of dollars on sex aids and toys. Or at least $20 for every sex advice book you buy (and you’d need dozens upon dozens of those books to get the info you’re getting in The 7-Day Orgasm!)

The price of The 7-Day Orgasm audio training program – which I believe is the only sex advice guide you’re ever going to need – is a one-off payment of $97. Yes, you’re welcome.

And because I’m feeling generous, here’s a little something extra for you…

A FREE digital audio & PDF of one of my bestselling training guides:

Sometimes, all the tricks, moves and positions in the world can’t match the excitement of a naughty and well-timed sex toy! And if you think dildos and vibrators are all I’m talking about, then you’ll be in for a surprise in this bestselling raunchy guide to spicing up your sex life with a dash of fun. Highlights include:

  • 4 bulletproof steps to opening her mind (and her legs!) to using virtually any sex toy you want (yep, even that nasty one…)
  • A handy guide to 10 varieties of mischievous sex toys for her and you – and all the forbidden tricks for making the most of them
  • The twenty questions checklist for helping you pick the right sex toys. Use this to make a game of it with her

Say hello to my unconditional 3-way guarantee

I’ll make you these 3 promises when you join the 500,000 people who’ve transformed their sex lives with my guidance:

You’ll love every step
of the journey

You’re not in school anymore, so why would you want boring black and white manuals and monotonous audios that put you to sleep? The 7-Day Orgasm isn’t just an audio training program, it’s a sensual work of art. Listen to my voice as I engage you with raunchy tips. Refer to the fascinating PDF sidekick as much or as little as you like. And don’t be surprised if this program becomes the highlight of your day.

You’ll love your new and
improved sex life

You’ll feel manlier than ever before as you blow her away with your new repertoire of moves. You’ll connect with her on a deeper level, gain a newfound sense of confidence and swagger in bed and out, and you’ll discover new things about yourself as you experiment. You may also last longer and have a LOT more and better sex!

She won’t be able to 
keep her hands off you

If she loved you in the past, she’s going to freaking ADORE you from now on! She’ll lap up the moves you try on her, and may even return the favor with her own new tricks. She might just beg you for more sex and get more adventurous to try new things, whether it’s kinky new positions, role-play or the kind of raunchy games you previously left to your wildest fantasies.

I’m a girl of my word. If for any reason The 7-Day Orgasm doesn’t live up to any of these 3 promises, just drop me an email at for a fuss-free, no-questions-asked refund within 60 days after your purchase.

Try The 7 Day Orgasm audio training program with absolute peace of mind
* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.
* “I’ve become a much better lover”

“I’ve become a much better lover for my woman so quickly just by following a few tips and trying out a few suggestions. She is still trying and trying to figure out how I became so much better so fast.”

– James, Canoga Park, California
* “Last night I was able to last longer than my wife”

“Thank you Gabrielle for your help on my premature ejaculation problem. Last night I was able to last longer than my wife. So much that I had to masturbate to get off.”

– Carlos, New York (name changed at request)
* “It works”

“It works – just ask my wife”

– Mark, United Kingdom

Now just one question remains: what kind of guy do you want to be?

Let’s be real – you could choose not to try this program out, and your world wouldn’t crumble to dust. You’d probably still have sex. Average sex. Uninspired sex. Maybe infrequent sex. And you’d enjoy it in the same way you enjoy vanilla ice cream: a predictable comfort zone.

And there’s nothing wrong with that… but what about the flip side? Imagine giving The 7-Day Orgasm a spin. Spending a few minutes a day listening to it for one week. Thanks to my guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose except a few hours of your time.

But think about what you have to gain: the raunchy tricks, adventurous moves, exotic positions and forbidden techniques that may skyrocket your sex life to a whole new level. Imagine the look on her face, the moans of pleasure, the deep connection you may experience as you touch her in places she never knew could turn her on.

And imagine how all this will make youfeel about yourself.

The only question is, what kind of guy do you want to be? The average one who settles for his comfort zone, or the adventurous Sex God? If you picked the second one, order The 7-Day Orgasm and let’s get started. I can’t wait to show you a thing or two about great sex!

Order The 7-Day Orgasm now and get started in 5 minutes

Order The 7-Day Orgasm today and get:

  • 7 high-quality mp3 audios – one a day for a week
  • A stunning PDF sidekick packed with tips, checklists and exercises for better results
  • An unconditional 60-day money back guarantee
  • A FREE bonus digital audio & PDF: Forbidden Sex Toys
  • An exclusive 30% discount worth $30 when you order on this page now

I am 100% committed to your privacy

I want you to keep this a secret from your partner as much as you do. So when you order The 7 Day Orgasm, the name on your credit card statement will be Gabrielle Moore. She won’t suspect a thing, and you can come clean with her once the 7 days are up – if you want to!

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

* “Get onto Gabrielle’s advice and you’ll be eternally grateful”

“I keep having the thought, why didn’t anyone tell me all this when I was in my 20s. It would have improved my life no end. We didn’t even have computers, let alone the internet. We had to learn the hard way. So you young men, get onto Gabrielle’s advice and books and you’ll be eternally grateful.”

– Francis Radice, Brighton, England
* “Expanded my views on giving pleasure to my wife”

“I have really expanded my views on giving pleasure to my wife since I began using Gabrielle’s tips. I have always been able to give my wife an orgasm orally, but now I know there is so much more I can be doing. My wife and I were in a bit of a rut and these tips were just what we needed. Thanks to Gabrielle, now we can just read her tips and have a discussion on how we feel about the topic. which in turn leads to more fun for both of us.”

– Tom, Wisconsin
* “She asked me why I had kept this ability from her for all these years”

“After 23 years of marriage, i saw my wife grow unhappy with our sex life. I was out of the country for 3 weeks when i started reading Gabrielle’s tips. When I came home it was a brand new start and I was amazed on how she came over and over again. She told me that she really loved what she feels during love making and asked me why did i kept this new ability from her her all these years. I told her that Gabrielle fine tuned me while i was abroad!”

– Hari, Malaysia
* “One of the best sex gurus on planet earth”

“Gabrielle is one of the best sex gurus on planet earth. She goes in depth about female sexuality among other things which some men today are totally unaware of.The advice she gives is so interesting and informative that it opens a whole new chapter to sexual success and intimacy from a woman’s part. Never underestimate the knowledge of a woman lol!”

– Name withheld, Trinidad & Tobago
* “Sex has never been so good”

“At the age of 55, and having bedded over 300 women, my sex life took off again when i started taken advise from Gabrielle. I am now back with my first ever girlfriend. Sex has never been so good.”

– Lewis, Norway

Yes, I want to take my sex life to the next level with The 7 Day Orgasm!

Disclaimer: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we must make it explicitly clear that the customer messages displayed on this page are unscientifically verified and personal in nature. Although we regularly received thousands of these messages from across the world, please note that sex is a complex subject that varies according to an individual’s unique circumstances – which means we cannot in any way guarantee you will experience similar, if any results. The advice on this page is of a recreational and not medical nature, and is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Please consult your doctor before trying any of our sex tips, and remember to always be respectful and responsible towards your partner.