7 Ideas To Enhance The Probability Of The Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm

One of the sexiest sensations is a tingly touch on bare skin- and these moves will surely arouse her and enhance the probability of orgasm.


  1. Give her taste sensations. Sip sparkling wine, then lick along her lips and neck, lingering on the sensitive slope between her lower lip and chin. The alcohol tingles and then evaporates quickly for a sexy, skin-teasing effect. For an even more intense sensation, take a mouthful of wine and pass it onto her while kissing.


  1. French-kiss her (slowly). Pop a mint in your mouth. You’ll both get chills because the menthol will trigger the body’s cold receptors. Take your time and kiss your way down her breasts. “Menthol’s effects last 20 minutes”, says Jay Wiseman, author of Tricks: More Than 125 Ways to Make Good Sex Better. So you’ll have lots of time for frosty foreplay.


  1. Gently scratch her. Climb on top of her, then lightly rake your fingernails over her breasts, circling her nipples gently, Tease her thin-skinned areas, like her wrists, as well. The feeling is even more intense there, not to mention that the fact that they’re not usual sex spots will surprise and arouse her more. The gentle scratching will awaken her primal side (yes, she has one as well!).


  1. Scent-ually massage her. For a peppery head-to-toe turn-on, start with cinnamon-flavored lube that heats up when touched. Massage her, rubbing the liquid in with your fingers. Before you move on to intercourse, turn on a fan or the air-con and watch her shiver with pleasure.


  1. Keep her guessing. As you start to kiss her deeply, run your fingertips, lips or another body part along your partner’s spine. Tip: try a zigzag pattern. “A straight line only activates nerves along your course”, says Susan Hubbs, author of Pamper Your Partner: Thirty Days to a Romantic Relationship. “A random path surprises and will heighten the entire surrounding area.”


  1. Chill her for thrills. Make ice from sparkling mineral water, then rub her down with the cubes. The carbonation will leave slushy pockets in the ice, so one minute she’ll feel a solid touch from the cube, the next a snowy clump melting on her skin. Breathe warm air on the wet parts- heat will increase circulation, leaving skin more sensitive.


  1. Play some head games. You know how women absolutely love when someone caresses and plays with their hair? Tease the millions of nerves in her scalp with a head massager. Mid pash, lightly run it over her head, triggering shuddery waves of bliss. Or during sex, tug her hair lightly as she curls with pleasure; endorphins will flood her for an electrified orgasm.

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